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    Wooden Puzzle Box PUZ066

    Code: Wooden Puzzle Box PUZ066

    About Wooden puzzle box

    Wooden puzzle box as known as wooden jewel box and was designed to store gifts such as jewelry and watches , etc… If this is your first use, it will take time to open and close the lid, because for opening the box you must figure out its hidden wooden keys. This feature will create curiosity for the receiver . Also due to this brilliantly designed key, wooden jewel box is called wooden puzzle box. The surface of wooden puzzle box is decorated with art images which are very skillful and beautiful. There are various designs such as animals , pet or logo … for you to get unique gifts for your friends and family. Wooden jewel boxes are the handicraft products, so over 90% of the color is natural wood. Body boxes are manufactured with the use of best-in-class pyinkkado wood, beach wood and cajuput wood. Depending on your market demand, we will consult you the most appropriate timber . The product photos on our website are just one of the few for your reference. Currently, we have a lot of samples will suit your business. Please contact us to find the appropriate products. We are the only company in Vietnam that can assist you to develop your design models. We want to hear from you and do it for you. Please share your ideas, comments and feedback to¬†us. For more information, please refer our previous designs.

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